World’s Top Ten Stewardesses and Flight Attendant


A stewardess is a flight attendant or an air hostess. She is a member of aircrew and makes sure if all passengers are comfortable and safe enough in the flight. There are many elegant and gorgeous stewardesses in the world. Their uniform, conduct, manners and devotion towards their work puts them among the top 10 most stunning stewardesses in the world. Have a look on the following list:

1 Air France:

Air France Stewardesses

The most dreamlike and airy-fairy women are the attendants of Air France airlines. Their central priority is to make sure that the passengers are absolutely tranquil and cozy. The passengers are given the super classy and comfy environment. Also their uniform and attitude are basically the secrets to their hotness. They will provide everything for a passenger’s pleasure besides a French kiss.

2 Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines Stewardesses

Singaporean Cabin crew is most hospitable and cordial crew in the world. They are not only adorable but also very welcoming. Their exclusive uniform “Sarong Kebaya” looks fantastic.

3 Aeroflot Air:

Aeroflot Air Stewardesses

WOW! Absolutely stunning red uniform. The Russian women might not be thought of the trendiest in the world but they certainly nailed it being the 3rd most elegant, classy and graceful stewardesses in the world.

4 Emirates:

Emirates Stewardesses

This Airline belongs to United Arab Emirates (UAE). This absolutely luxurious and sumptuous airline has very elegant attendants of all sorts. You will get to see stewardesses from different ethnicities. All of them look very sophisticated and refined in a stylish costume.

5 Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific Stewardesses

The finest airlines of Asia. Their hostesses are very pretty and down to earth. It was also seen that these hostesses did a catwalk in a fashion show and they nailed that show. Their alluring smiles took the audience breath away.

6 Kingfisher Airlines:

Kingfisher Airlines

The best airline in India. Their hostesses are very hot and are dark beauties. Their uniform is also red with big white collars. Their refined behavior and smile makes them the 6th most attractive stewardesses in the world.

7 Air Asia:

Air Asia Stewardesses

This is a Malaysian Airline. Their uniform is quite similar to Kingfisher Airline India. Lovely, amiable and hot ladies know exactly how to put passengers in a comfortable zone.

8 Lufthansa:

Lufthansa Stewardesses

This airline belongs to Germany. The uniform of these hostesses is very unique. It’s a combination of white, blue and light yellow. They are extra friendly ladies and come from different countries with different ethnicities.

9 Thai Airways International:

Thai Airways International Stewardesses

This airline belongs to Thailand. They have a very fresh colored and distinctive uniform which is purple in color. They provide an excellent care in the air. Their conduct made them win many awards.

10 Virgin Atlantic:

Virgin Atlantic Stewardesses

This airline belongs to Atlantic. They look no less than a celebrity. Their uniform makes them look very hot and sexy. The red colored suit and a bow tie on their delicate necks look very alluring. They are the most please ladies in the air. They are very responsible and intelligent. Beauty is nothing without brain. Beauty with brain is a combo which is very rare.



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