World’s Top 10 Men Shampoo Brands


We always talk about women beauty and care, unfortunately men are always ignored in this regard. When it comes to care women and men must be equally participating in it. We used to hear about women salons but now there are almost equal number of men salons. Men also go for head massage and facials. There are many top branded men head wash and shampoo specially made for men. The top 10 of them are listed below:

10. Paul Michel Tea Tree Shampoo:

As we all know that products made from purely natural ingredients are much more appealing and trustworthy than the artificial chemical based shampoos. For this reason Paul Michael introduced this shampoo consisting tea tree and its oil in it. It has all that hair maintenance would require. It gives a perfect hold and moisture to the hair which makes your hair stay set and fine all day long. It is an average sized dark green bottle with a white cap. It’s perfect out comes have made it the number 1 shampoo for men.

9.Apivita Propoline Hair Tonic:

Apivita Propoline Hair TonicIt’s not just a shampoo but also a complete set of treatment for the most common hair problems in men. It not just cleans out your hair but also leaves your hair dandruff free. It cures the hair loss and whitening of hair problems as well. This multi action shampoo is liked and used by a huge amount of men which makes it the 2nd best shampoo for men.

8.Ecrinal ANP Shampoo:

This shampoo is also a very good one for men hair. Just put a small drop over your palm and it will create a big lather. It’s suitable for all types of hair. It has a very elegant aroma not very intense but soft and mild. It’s a white colored bottle.

7.L’Oreal Men’s Hair Shampoo:

Yes, this must be a little shocking for your guys as L’Oreal has always been linked with women cosmetic range. But it has a big range for men products as well. We need to understand that women and men hair are different and they need to be treated differently. This shampoo provides moisture and shine to hair and leaves hair dandruff free. It is a very good product because it returns back the lost shine of damaged hair.

6.Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme Shampoo:

After successful aftershaves Gucci has launched Men Shampoo. It comes in a very handsome bottle and an attractive box. Use this shampoo and enjoy the seductive aroma and hot hair look.

5.Bosley Bos Revive Nourisher:

If all the men out there want to get rid of dandruff and hair loss but can’t afford to buy expensive shampoos here is the solution to it. This shampoo is available at a reasonable price. It’s not just cost friendly but also works good for problematic hair.

4.Crystal Shampoo Anti-Dandruff:

It’s a 200ml bottle and has natural ingredient in it. Tea tree products are again most widely used product in the world. It is a miracle ingredient. It soothes an itchy scalp and cures the dandruff.

3.Dove Men’s Thickening Fortifier:

This shampoo is from Dove Company. It is specially designed for hair loss problem which is very common among men. It helps the pores to open up again and generate hair growth. Men must be very careful in selecting a shampoo for themselves. One wrong step can lead to big problems.

2.Goldwell Dual Senses For Men:

It’s a large bottle of 300ml and comes in a very handsome bottle. It is expensive but great to use.

1.Nioxin System Hair Cleanser:

Do you want to get rid of dull look? Here is this perfect product for frizzy and dull hair. It’s no less than a magical head wash. It comes in a white bottle with black cap.



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