Top 10 Way To Make Your Stomach Stop Hurting


Stomach pain is something terrible you experience, something really painful that needs immediate cure. Reasons may be different for every second individual but here are universally similar cures catering all sort of reasons of stomach problems. Try them and also suggest to your friends and family whenever they need help. These remedies are natural and quick in effects.

1 Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea

Clinically approved and beneficial treatment for stomach issues, you can always take it either fresh or dried. Take a cup of water, add 1 or 2 tea spoons of dried pepper mint, or if you are using fresh then add 2 to 4 leaves, add sugar for taste, boil it and drink. You can use peppermint to treat even nausea and diarrhea. It really works.

2 Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Widely used to treat cramps, digestion issues and intestinal tracts spasms, fennel seeds are highly recommended in stomach problems. Either chew them when encountered with any stomach ache, or soak them in water and drink the water. In both modes, they work miraculously to treat your aches. Even if you don’t get aches in stomach, you can adapt a habit of chewing fennel seeds after oily, spicy and heavy meals to avoid any possible hurdle. Their soothing effect will never let your hopes down.


3 Gasless Beans

Gasless Beans

Heal your stomach pain by cooking gasless beans. Gasless beans? Sounds strange? Soak the beans for a good amount of time before cooking. Recommended time is soak the beans overnight and then rinse them thoroughly and then add fresh water for cooking. This will help you prevent stomach pains or any sort of gastric problems.

4 Low-Fat Foods

Low-Fat Foods

You know half of your stomach pains are due to the ‘’oily – greasy’’ food you eat, Control your eating habits. Move your menu from Fried items to low fat, lean meat and whole grains items. Add maximum healthy food intakes to avoid upset stomachs.

5 Ginger


During stomach pains, ginger is considered to be the fastest remedy. This can heal the inflammation because its naturally an anti-inflammatory herb which produce and balance digestive juices. Chop the ginger roots and add it to a cup of boiling water, boil it and then add either sugar or honey to make it tasty. Have it and feel relax.


6 Relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises

These relaxation techniques can also be helpful in stomach issues.

7 Sit down:

Sit down:

when experiencing stomach pain, don’t roam around, sit, calm down and drink water. Make sure your posture is relaxed.


8 Lie on your back:

Lie on your back

In stomach pain, try to remain calm and lie on your back, straight and if possible take a nap. The relaxed posture of your body will make your muscles a bit more relaxed including stomach muscles.


9 Take shower:

Take shower

If you are experiencing stomach pain or cramps, try taking shower with Luke warm water.


10 Keep warm bags:

Warm bags

Take warm water in plastic bottles or bags and lie down straight,  put it on your abdomen during severe stomach pain. It heals!



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