Top 10 Pakistani Actors


Here’s the list of top ten Pakistani Actors who have big fan base in Pakistan.

10-Danish Taimoor


Danish Taimoor, a well-known and prominent name in Pakistani drama industry is known for his expressions and handsome looks. He started his career as a model and later joined drama industry. His acting skills are always a heart winner for audiences. He is One of the most followed icons on social media.

  1. Fahad Mustufa


It is said that acting is a skill that can be learned through practice, but if we see Fahad Mustufa, a very old perception about acting seems true that ‘’Acting is an innate skill, its in the genes’’.. and YES it’s in the genes of Fahad. One of the most finest and versatile actors of Pakistan he is. He is now a days hosting a successfully hit show ‘’Jeeto Pakistan’’ on ARY Digital.


  1. Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan. Who for sure have proved through his acting that his name is quite fit for his work, his ‘’perfectly’’ played roles in almost all serials became hit. He is a model, film actor and drama star too. He is One of the most prominent faces of Pakistani drama industry who always remain in top lists of ‘’Most handsome actors’’.


  1. Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas,  Famous for his looks and decency more than his acting. But when he acts, he prove that he is well-deserved for the appreciation he gets. He did number of projects on tv and also on silver screen. He recently did a movie in Bollywood where his work was highly appreciated.


  1. Mikaal Zulfiqar

One of the most ever-fresh faces of Pakistani drama industry is Mikaal Zulfiqar, Model turned actor has done a lot of videos, commercials, dramas, and movies, and in every genre he proved his skills to the core. One of the most demanding face of the industry he is.


  1. Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi, A CSS officer by profession but joined drama industry. Recently won a great following by his super hit drama ‘’Pyaray Afzal’’. Hamza is quite a lot in news and active on social media these days due to his political affiliations and his bold comments on almost all current issues. But if you talk about his acting only, He is clearly a very fine actor and he proved this with all his projects and commercials. One can call him ‘’ Handsome Brain’’.

sami khan

  1. Sami Khan

Sami Khan, an actor with a heart-winning smile.  When he came into industry, he stole millions of heart by his acting, looks and of course his smile. He is a true talent who is continuously rising.  He recently did a very promising role in ‘’Bashar Momin’’ and now a days his serial ‘’’ Saltanat e Dil’’ is on air, in which he is doing a character of Nawab .


3, Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi, is the only name who comes in mind when you talk about versatility and all-time hit person of Pakistan. He started his career as a film actor but later switched the medium and hold a prominent position in drama industry till date.  He did movies, commercials, tv shows and did everything perfectly. But Drama is his command medium, whether its sad love story, or sitcom, he takes the audience with him from start till the end.


  1. Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar, a singer turned actor, holds 2nd position on top ten list of actors. He started his career as a singer and became a super hit pop singer of Pakistan. He did modeling as well but few years’ back he switched to acting, and did a lot of work in Bollywood and proved that he is gifted with fine acting skills too.


  1. Fawad Afzal Khan

Fawad Afzal Khan who started his career as a singer, gained remarkable fame after his hit serials ‘’Daastan’’ and Hamsafar’ and movie ‘’Khuda k liye’’. Now a days he is making films in Bollywood and getting appreciation. He is given title as the chocolate hero of drama industry and his charming looks deserve the title!




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