Top 10 Outstanding Beautiful Deepest Lakes In World


So many lakes are present on earth. Some lakes are freshwater. All the lakes share the property of fresh water. There are lakes present that have formed inside the volcano’s and the ones that have got over the former canyons. There are ten depest lakes in world which are given below:

1. Lake Baikal – Deepest Lake in the World (Maximum Depth : 1642m or 5387 feet)

Lake Baikal

It is the deepest lake in the world and its depth is1,637. It has great volume of freshwater.20% of water is present in unfrozen form. Due to its water it has valuable lake of Sibaria .In Russia .It considered as most important link of freshwater.


2. Lake Tanganyika (Maximum Depth : 1470m or 4820 feet)

Lake Tanganyika

Its deapth  is 1473m and considered second large deepest lake in world.This is present in central Africa. 18% of fresh water in the world are stored in this Tanganyika lake. It is found in four various countries that are Tanzania Congo, Burundi   and Zambia.


3. Caspian Sea – The Largest lake in the world (Depth : 1025m or 3360 feet)

Caspian Sea

It is enclosed with inland water bodies.Its depth is 1025 m.This lake is not attach to any other ocean  in the world. This  lake can be found between Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan.


4. Lake Vostok (Maximum Depth : 900m or 3000 feet)

Lake Vostok

This lake is found in Antartica.Its depth is 900m.this lake is come under the subglacier.Lenin bust is that location which is difficult to reach at this peak.


5. Lake O’Higgins – San Martin (Maximum Depth : 836m or 2742 feet)

Lake O’Higgins

Its has 836 m depth and presnt in Chili and Argentina.It has two names due to its locality to two different countries.It has surface area of 1013km.This lake can be flooded through different series.


6. Lake Malawi (Maximum Depth : 706m or 2316 feet)

Lake Malawi

This lake has 2136 depth and present in Tanzania.It is third largest lake in world.Most of diamonds are present near this lake.


7. Issyk Kul (Maximum Depth : 668m or 2192 feet)

Issyk Kul

This is called hot lake and present in kyrgysta.Its depth is  668m.During low temperature lake can not frozen and become much deep with the melting ice.It is intresting due to its features.


8. Great Slave Lake – Deepest Lake in North America (Depth : 614m or 2014 feet)

Great Slave Lake

This lak is present in North   America. It has 614m depth.This lake can be spilt to United  states  and Canada.Its depth increases day be day.


9. Crater Lake – Deepest Lake in United States (Depth : 594m or 1949 feet)

Crater Lake

It is present in Unites States and its depth is 594m.It formed the heart of Oregon.


10. Lake Matano – Deepest Lake in Indonesia (Depth : 590 m or 1940 feet)

Lake Matano

Mantano is present in Indonesia.It is major lake in Mailai lake system.




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