Top 10 Natural Most Beautiful Flowers In World


Flowers are beautiful and attractive gift that nature give us.270000 types of flowers are present in nature in which some are grown in special season and after it they decades. We love to see flowers in spring seasons. In some parts of the world, flower festivals are held. Here are the top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world.

1. Rose:


Rose colour is red which is symbol of love.Rose is considered the most romantic and ornamental plant thaat grow in garden.It belong to Roasea family with 2500 species and 90 genera.the most common roses are plums,cherries and almonds.


2. Snake’s Head:

Snake’s Head

Its  head look like snake ,belong to family Lilaceae .Its other name are taper lilly and guineahen family.It is found in Northern euorpe and has bell shape attractive flower.


3. Bleeding Heart:

Bleeding Heart

Flowers are either red,pink ,yellow and purple and grown in april and june.this belong to family Papaveraceae.It is heart shape flower present in China,Korea and Japan.


4. Huernia Oculata:

Huernia Oculata

It belong to family Apocynaceae. Its plant produces in tropical environment and grows in small succulent stems. It is a beautiful plant  also present in soily area.


5. Bee Orchid:

Bee Orchid

Bee Orchid is a flower of perennial plant , gorgeous and belong to  Orchid family. It is native to Mediterranean regions and grows in number of ten to twenty flowers.


6. Flame Lily:

Flame Lily

Flame Lily is very beautiful flower. It is found in tropical parts of Africa and Asia. It belongs to Colchicaceaefamily. It has red and yellow colour.


7. Hydrangea:


It oridinate from different types of flowers that’s why called that it belong to genus of 70 plants.. It is found in Southern Asia and parts of America. It has two types, the Mophead and Lacecap.


8. Plumeria:


It belongs to a toxic plant family. Despite the fact that it is beautiful and eye-catching, it is a wildflower native to Caribbean, Caribbean and Brazil. This beautiful flower grows in tropical climate.


9. Bird of Paradise:

Bird of Paradise

It is also named as Crane Flower. It is found in South Africa and is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It belongs to the Strelitziaceae family.


10. Corpse Lily:

Corpse Lily

Corpse Lily is a beautiful and remarkable flower. It is found rarely and has the habitat of rainforest. It is found in SumatraIsland Bengkulu and Indonesia. This flower  has less weight.



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