Top 10 Most Popular HandBags Styles


We all have to carry bags with us every day. Whether we are working women or college girls or the princess of our daddies, we all need those bags to carry our stuff in them. So let’s find out the most amazing handbag styles in fashion today.

  1. Loeffler Randall Satchel – Medium Rider saffiano




These are too smart to carry. Small in size but can carry the stuff enough to fit in your handbags. Bored of those embroidered bags with beautiful designs which are no more attractive now, then this is the time to use these Satchel bags. So get yourself this bag in a very reasonable price ranging from $400 – $500.

  1. KAVU Sydney Satchel



These Satchels are mostly available in bright colours. Bags which can be used in professionally as well as casually. You can get this Satchel for yourself only in the amount ranging from $45 – $50.

  1. Style is Certain Bag



The things that you cannot imagine to leave behind when you travel will always be with you in this bag. This bag will give you a new look and personality. A bag which every friend of yours will wish to have. Get this bag only in the amount ranging from $50 – $60.

  1. Red Printsiple Envelope

These bags are available in solid colours. This envelope can become your clutch, Handbag or even your shoulder bag. You can carry all your everyday necessary stuff in this envelope and enjoy the 3 different styles of carrying it. Get this envelope only in the amount ranging from $20 – $25.

  1. Pewter & Silver Glitter Kiss Lock Clutch

Stay more organized by carrying only the necessary stuff with you, this clutch will help you to remove the unnecessary items from your bags. No more pains to carry a bag, walk freely, dance freely. All the stuff needs to stay home; it’s you who needs to move out like a lady. Get this Clutch only in the amount ranging from $35 – $40.

  1. Orange Leather Shoulder Bag with Multi – Pockets

This is what we ladies want. Carrying bags in hands can sometimes be very annoying, why not hang them on our shoulders. This bag is quite comfortable, looks beautiful when carrying and is definitely useful for us. Get this Shoulder Bag only in the amount ranging from $155 – $160.

  1. Thai Hill Tribe Embroidery on Leather Accent Shoulder Bag


A bag big enough to fit your accessories and hangs perfectly on your shoulders. In this technological world where everything has gone hands – free, then why not our bags. A bag with a strap designed to be on your shoulders, not your wrists or your elbows. Get this Shoulder Bag only in the amount ranging from $200 – $205.

  1. Nine West It Girl Floral Tote


A different design and style bag. The bags which are in fashion since 19th Century. The ‘Tote’ itself explains all, ‘Tote’ which means to carry, and this bag will carry all. Get this Tote only in the amount ranging from $35 – $40.

  1. Rag & Bone Enfield Chain Bag

No matter what the occasion is, these chain bags are always the best. From casual hangouts to the formal meetings, these bags just fit. Get this Chain Bag only in the amount ranging from $590 – $600.

  1. Elizabeth Python Leather Clutch Wallet


A Clutch Wallet is perfect for the outings planned surprisingly. When there is no need to carry the unwanted items with you, then why to carry the big bags. A bag which can be used as a wallet in your big bags or as a clutch when nothing important needs to be carried. Get this clutch wallet only in the amount ranging from $35 – $40.





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