Top 10 Most Fastest Bullet Trains In The World


Trains are used for transportation. They make life easier. They travel speedly one place to other place. Train provide another air travel and not beat 373 miles in total . A large number of fuel is required for their take off. Fuel, Biogas, Biodisel is used in train.It travel 373 miles that airplane become cost competitive. Here are ten fast speed trains are given that make our life easier and fantastic:

1. CRH 380A, China – 302 miles per hour

CRH 380A, China

The CSR CRH 380A made by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company Limited. Chinese engineers and inventors made the The CRH 380A.Chineses depend upon forign technology for its high speed rails. It has low friction,compact head.It speed was  recorded at 302 miles per hour. In normal operations, the voyage speed of the CRH 380A is 217 miles per hour, and the train travel at 258.9 miles per hour.


2. Transrapid TR-09, Germany – 279 miles per hour

Transrapid TR-09, Germany

The Transrapid TR-09 was built by the Transrapid International GmbH KG. A organization between German giants Siemens and Thyssen Krupp. The principle of this train works is Longstator linear motor principle. This train is used to transport both passengers and cargo goods. The  TR-09 is a monorail that uses magnetically soar technology.


3. Shinkansen, Japan – 275 miles per hour

Shinkansen, Japan

This is  like bullet train that started. Shinkansen was operated under four companies of Japan. It started in 1964. It travels  upto 1,483.5 miles.  This iconic train has a particular nose.


4. SNCF TGV Reseau, France – 236 miles per hour

SNCF TGV Reseau, France

In 1993 by Alstom in 1993 introduced  the SNCF TGV Reseau, or TGV-R.Its construction based on the TGV Atlantique continuity. Speed of the train is 199 miles per hour, rather it has taped a top speed of 236 miles per hour.


5. KTX Sancheon, South Korea – 219 miles per hour

KTX Sancheon, South Korea

KTX II its earlier name. It is part of the high-rail system of South Korea and is conveyed by Korail. The technology was based on the TGV/LGV train systems of France, rather the South Koreans were able to better it on its own. The KTX Sancheon absolutly runs on the HSR-350x, a technology that was refined locally.


6. THSR 700T, Taiwan – 208 miles per hour

THSR 700T, Taiwan

It is a high-speed train. It was matured based on the Shinkansen bolt trains of Japan. The Taiwan High Speed Rail, transport the 700T. The train was built by Japanese companies Nippon Sharyo Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi Ltd built the train, the first time such trains were exported.


7. AVE S-102, Spain – 205 miles per hour

AVE S-102, Spain

Also called the Talgo 350, the train is operated by RENFE. It cover  the 200 mile per hour barrier, attaining that speed in a trip from Madrid to Barcelona.


8. Eurostar, UK, Belgium and France – 199 miles per hour

Eurostar, UK, Belgium and France

This train connects London with  two other countries like Paris and Brussels. Through the Channel Tunnel train runs. Eurostar International Limited owns this train service.It can cover 108 miles distance with high speed.


9. ETR 500, Italy – 190 miles per hour

ETR 500, Italy

ETR stands for Elettro Treno Rapido. This train has been in service since 1993. Ferrovie dello Stato built it, and is run by TrenItalia. It routes from Milan to Bologna.


10. HSL-1, Belgium – 186 miles per hour

HSL-1, Belgium

At the country’s border with France The HSL-1 connects the Belgian capital of Brussels with the LGV Nord. In 1997 operation started with the trains running on 55 miles of combined dedicated and modernized tracks.It support speeds up to 260 km/h.This train travel along nine station in Belgian.



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