Top 10 Most Creepy Places Around Globe


We all love to travel, isn’t it??? Most of you must have seen the beautiful places in the world … why not give a look at some creepy places this time. Note down the mentioned places around a globe and make sure to visit them at least once … believe me it will be worth it.  The following top ranked places is  really worth to see.

  1. Old Jewish Cemetery – Prague

Old Jewish Cemetery - Prague

A large burial ground, existing since a long time and filled with graves will cause an unpleasant feeling. Old enough and creepy enough to scare you to death.

  1. Pripyat – Ukraine

Pripyat - Ukraine

A city which was destroyed after the nuclear disaster in 1986. The radition got high in this city since that event, due to which it is abandoned completely.

8-House of Bulgarian Communist Party – Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria

House of Bulgarian Communist Party – Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria

A place which came into existence in 1981. This was the house where the Bulgarian politics took place throughout the Soviet Era. Soon after the end of the cold war when the iron curtains fell, the building got abandoned. This building represented the government of that time.

  1. The Smoked Corpses – Papua, New Guinea

The Smoked Corpses – Papua, New Guinea

The people living in Aseki, a place in Papua New Guinea are called Kuku – Kuku. These people found a way of not missing their relatives. The corpses of the dead people are smoked and placed in a wooden gallery made up on the mountains of the village. Yes!!! The SMOKED CORPSES. This abnormal visually striking place is worth a visit. Before I end, I guess you all would want to know this too; these bodies are brought down by their relatives, during the celebrations in the village, so that they also can be a part of the happiness.

  1. Pluckley – Kent

Pluckley - Kent

A village in Britain, Pluckley, is famous for its ghost’s stories. This village is located near Ashford in Kent. A haunted village. The ghouls could be heard in the Fright Corner, a place where a man encountered a sudden death. The dead people could be heard weeping in Screaming Woods. A lot more stories of this village exists.

  1. Six Flags – New Orleans

Six Flags – New Orleans

An amusement park which was destroyed by a huge storm in 2005. A news which was heard all around the world; Yes, it was Katrina that devastated this park completely. The owners of the place now want to build a mall here. Till then it’s a frightening place to visit.

  1. Tree growing around an abandoned Bicycle – Washington

Tree growing around an abandoned Bicycle - Washington

A bike which was left for such a long time between the trees that it became a part of it. This bike is right in the middle of the tree and is growing upwards along with it. This is a red coloured children’s bike in the tree situated in the Vashton Island, Washington. If you don’t want to see your bicycle in this condition, make sure not to leave it against a tree for a long time. This mystery of how this bike actually got into this tree is still not solved. People say that the owner of this bike left it there in between the trees in 1950 and left the island forever. A popular tourist attraction where the people keep wondering that how did this bike got in the centre of the tree and how is the tree still growing. Botanists say that plants and trees have the capability to wrap the objects around it and continue growing. An unusual and accidental charisma of nature.

  1. Riddle House – Florida

 Riddle House - Florida

This house was reconstructed in Yesteryear Village at the South Florida grounds. In 1920, Karl Riddle became the owner of this house. This house is believed to be haunted. It is said that one of the servant of Mr. Riddle, named Joseph, committed a suicide in the attic of this house. He used to hate men; therefore any man who visits this attic becomes a victim of Joseph. A man once was hit by a lid and died, since then no men are allowed in the attic anymore. So, my dear girls now we know where to send our boyfriends who betrayed us…..

  1. Kabayan – Philippines

Kabayan - Philippines

Kabayan are the caves located in Philippines. These caves are filled with mummies. There are thousands of such caves full of mummies.

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, United States

Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, United States

This place used to be a prison where the prisoners were left completely isolated. Every prisoner was given a separate yard where they had to live, eat and exercise alone. People there have witnessed a dark shadow of a monstrous figure on the guard tower. A wicked cry which is heard in Cell Blocks. Strange sounds of footsteps, talking, and banging of the doors can also be heard.



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