TOP 10 Most Beautiful Russian Females


Russia is a land of beauty and has produced many enchanting and fetching beautiful ladies. According to a survey Russian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. There is some originality that lies in them which makes them very unique and fascinating. Among the Caucasian race Russians are on number 4th in the list. Have a look on the following prominent names:

Alina Artz

  1. Alina Artz: Yes, Alina Artz is on number one with the most fascinating and perfect features. She is famous for her azure blue eyes. She was the winner of a competition called “Miss Russian Nights”. She is tall; she has a perfect body shape and skin. Probably the most demanding girl of the year. Her sultry eyes are her real jewels.Agniya Ditkovskyte
  2. Agniya Ditkovskyte: She is a daughter of a well known Russian actress Tatyana. Her beautiful smile and deep eyes are her real assets. It says Beauty is nothing without brain. I absolutely agree with this quotation because this enchanting beauty is not just the physical beauty but is one of the intelligent models and actresses of Russia.Uliya Parshuta
  3. Uliya Parshuta: She is very delicate and elegant Russian lady. She is a Russian singer and her song “Yin and Yang” is very popular among her fans. Her tall and slim physique puts her in the list of the charming ladies of Russia.Lera Kudryavtseva
  4. Lera Kudryavtseva: She is a Russian TV anchor, dancer and an actress. Her dark skin and blond hair makes her unique and outstanding among the Russian chicks. Her bedazzling smile is her popular feature.Zoya Berber
  5. Zoya Berber: This innocent and cute face works in TV as an actress and has appeared in a TV show called Real Guys. She appeared as one of the 100 sexiest Russian women. She is young and very talented. We hope to see her as a super hit actress in future.Ekaterina Guseva
  6. Ekaterina Guseva: She was born in Moscow in July 9th A very popular name of Russia. She is considered one of the most honorable names of Russia. Her acting skills were matchless and she broke many records during her time.Elena Zakharova
  7. Elena Zakharova: Another prominent name of Russia. She is not very tall, she does not have a very perfect physique but these things are not important for her beauty. She is one of the most cutest and innocent faces of Russia. Her flawless skin is her famous feature. She is genius and can speak many languages amongst which English and Russian are the most commonly spoken. She works in a theatre.Elizaveta Golovanova
  8. Elizaveta Golovanova: This natural beauty is 21 at the present time. She is famous for using least make up products on her face. She loves to stay natural and is certainly one of the fortunate women born on earth. Also she won the title of “Miss Russia pageant” lately. She is a perfect combo of beauty with brains. She holds an engineering degree but her looks somehow decided to step into the Glamorous world of beauty.Anfisa Chekhov
  9. Anfisa Chekhova: A beautiful Russian singer has a marvelous voice and killing attitude. She is famous for her impressive personality. She is a very hard working singer and a TV anchor as well. Her amazing voice has given an upswing to her career.Maria Sharapova
  10. Maria Sharapova: Maria is not from the glamorous world. She is a tennis player. Her looks caught media and paparazzo’s attention. She is a winner of 32 singles and 5 Grand Slam titles. She entered the tennis world when she was 17 years of age. Her stunning body adds much more to her captivating looks.



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