Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World


Eyes are windows to the soul. You can sense what mood or feeling other person is going through. Also eyes are the most important and prominent feature on face. If they are beautiful they can take you a long way. Beautiful eyes enhance facial beauty. Beautiful eyes are a blessing of God. Have a look on the following:

1 Twiggy:


She is from London and is the most popular face of Vogue magazine. Her eyes are absolutely stunning. She has ocean blue eye color, long eye lashes and big round eyes. One can get hypnotized by those big blue eyes. Twiggy eye makeup was, is and will be very popular among the girls. It never went out dated.


2 Elizabeth Taylor:

Elizabeth Taylor

The top actress and super star of her time had a very unique and rare eye color which is violet. She was very popular for her thick eyelashes. She had double lash line which made her eyes look outstanding.


3 Meryem Uzerli:

Meryem Uzerli

A Turkish actress and model who is known for her well known TV show “Muhtesem Yuzyil”. She is considered the iconic beauty and her beautiful and hypnotizing big blue eyes make her appearance even more dramatic.  She also has a huge fan following around the globe.


4 Megan Fox:

Megan Fox

She is an American actress and has appeared in many Hollywood movies. She is known for her light blue eyes. She has thick curled up eye lashes. Although her eyes are not very big and round but the shape of her eyes make her the flaunting beauty in Hollywood.


5 Aishwarya Rai Bachan:

Aishwarya Rai Bachan

She is an Indian big screen star. She is very famous around the world. Her light eyes and her eyeliners are her famous features. She has big grayish-green eyes with thick eye lashes. She has a big beautiful eyelid which enhances her big green eyes. Light eyes are less common in India so this makes Miss Bachan a unique natural beauty. Many cosmetic companies hired her for their commercials.


6 Kristen Stewart:

Kristen Stewart

She is a prominent actress of well known and well watched movie “Twilight”. She is liked by her fans mostly because of her deep almond shaped eyes. The light green eye color of her eyes looks very dreamy and fascinating.


7 Kristin Kreuk:

Kristin Kreuk

She is a Canadian actress. She has a very rare and different eye shape. Her monolid eyes make her eyes more gorgeous. She started off her career of modeling when she was in her teens and according to her she has always been very passionate about her interest.


8 Celina Jaitley:

Celina Jaitley

She is an Indian film actress and a former model as well. She appears in Bollywood movies. She was the winner of Femina Miss India title in 2001. Her fascinating almond shaped eyes and Asian looks make her stand out in a crowd.


9 Milla Jovovich:

Milla Jovovich

She is an American fashion designer. Recently, she also started acting in different movies and TV shows. Her light medium eyes are her beautifying feature.


10 Charlize Theron:

Charlize Theron

She is a South African ethnic. She started off her career from United States and soon captured public’s attention due to her gorgeous personality and her devotion to work. This world has a never ending beauty. The more you look for the “One and only” person you will fail every time. Because beauty is not restricted to a particular person or a land. It keeps coming so one can’t use the word “One and only” for any person in regard of being beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.



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