Football or soccer is a team sport played between 2 teams with a spherical shaped ball, and each team consists of 11 players. In the world of 196 countries and 7 billion people, there is 150+ football playing nations and around 250 million players who use different football brands hence football is said to be the most popular game in the world. The popularity of this sports is so much that almost in every country people, teenagers and kids use to play this in their street grounds. Of course, every man uses their own loved brand thing which they use to buy from big sports brand outlets, so here we come to ic=ncrease you knowledge about top 10 football brands around the world it might suggest you that which one is more suitable for you and which one is not.



Adidas is a German invented brand and is said to be the largest sportswear manufacturer in the Europe and the second best in the world. Addidas Orignal is a category of casual sports clothing; brand Adidas also has the greatest status in introducing high-quality products like shoes, shirts, coats, bags, sunglasses and other accessories. There all the goods are luxury and comfortable which may be a primary key to their success. These accessories have the most upper hand in creating interest of teenagers as well as adults towards the brand. The most sold product of Adidas since 1965 are shoes, and Stan Smith launched in 1965 and officially marketed in 1973, isn’t only one of Adidas’ most popular sneakers, but also it’s best-selling.
Not only this, but Addidas also plays a significant role in history and life of world’s biggest football clubs and football stars respectively. Recently news comes that the greatest player in the history of football Lionel Messi has signed a new lifetime contract with Addidas.



Adolf Dassler along with his older brother Rudolf registered Addidas on 18 August 1949 but their partnership not stays for long, and due to misunderstanding Adolf Dassler and Rudolf changes their tracks in which Rudolf established new brand named as Puma which quickly becomes the only business rival of Addidas and also headquartered in Herzogenaurach.


2) NIKE:

Nike is an American multinational corporation that deals with the development, design, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and Business of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.
Nike is said to be the world’s largest athletic shoes and apparel supplier brand and also known as a major manufacturer of sports equipment. The comfort and day by day improvement of Nike goods make people love this brand more around the world and like this slowly this brand grow their success in sportswear brands.
2012 is the most significant year in the history of Nike because the revenue of $24.1 billion in 2012 employed more than 44 thousand people around the world. In 2014 Nike alone has the worth of $19 billion which make it the most valuable brand in sports business.
In 2016 sources says that Cristiano Ronaldo who known to be one of the greatest player in the history of football has signed a new lifetime contract with Nike which has a worth of $1 billion.



Nike in early 90’s initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) and was founded by the student of University of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman in January 1964. In starting company works as the distributor for Japanese shoe maker Onitsuka Tiger (now ASICS), making most sales at track meets out of Knight’s automobile.


3) PUMA:

Puma was also a German invented brand which was a result of deteriorated relationship between two brothers, Adidas founder Adolf Dassler and Rudolf. Although Puma has introduced several products like footballs, bags, shirts and other accessories but puma company today is only known by their traditional invented shoes.
Puma did not take a long time to settle after their invention, and in the same year they launch their first football boot named as “ATOM.” At the time this shoe becomes much popular that most West Germany team players wear this shoe in the first post-war football match against Switzerland. Then in 1952 Rudolf Dasslerintroduced “SUPER ATOM” the world’s first boot with screw-in studs, and this marks the start of PUMA’s highly active heritage in football.
Following this several more modern shoes introduced which make Puma to be known around the world, it is also said that it is the most used brand by local football clubs.
Recently in 2016 Usain Bolt referred to as the master of speed signs $10 million deal with Puma to stay with them.



In start Rudolf along with his younger brother Adolf Dassler registered Addidas on 18 August 1949. This partnership does not stay for long, and due to a misunderstanding between Adolf Dassler and Rudolf, changes their tracks in which Rudolf established a new brand in 1948 named as Puma which quickly becomes the only business rival of Addidas and also headquartered in Herzogenaurach.



Umbro is widely spread company in England. It is an English football equipment and sportswear supplier in greater Manchester. It is a limited type company and designs, sources, and markets football-related apparel, footwear, and accessories. Their Product are sold in over more than 90 countries but since 2012 Umbro is in control of an American company.
Although Umbro serves the area in worldwide but still can not compete with top class football brands like Adidas and Nike.
As a perception that a particular company comes out with some exclusive product which increases their marking, Umbro is also known to be special in making football keeper gloves, footballs, boot and football uniforms.



Harold & Wallace Humphreys founded Umbro on 23 May 1924, 92 years ago in Wilmslow, England and its headquarter is located in Cheadle and Greater Manchester in England.



Mitre company today is known to be the oldest company with over 200 years of heritage the British sportswear and equipment supplier and is now in charge of Pentland Group. Mitre is also the oldest manufacturer of football and today uses the Mitre Delta Hyperseam football in competitive professional matches like Football League Cup, Scottish Premier League (SPL), and many others.
They also supply many other competitions in which some are Welsh Premier Division, S.League, etc.
Danis law in 1964 was the first official Mitre spokesman, and two years later Mitre becomes the official ball supplier to the newly formed FA Premier League. Mitre ball in 2003 was also used in The Netball World Championships held in the part of Caribbean island Jamaica and England team during appeared at the tournament wearing Mitre Apparel.



In 1817 in Huddersfield, Benjamin Crook opened his tannery, giving his own name to the company he founded but as time pass on in 1949, the name changed to “Mitre,” the company which manufactures footballs and rugby balls all over the world at that time.



Select sports A.S is a corporation of Denmark which produce Danish sports equipment. During 1950’s to 1960’s Select produced and marketed the first 32-panel soccer ball which was widely known as ‘Buckminster Ball’ and consist of 20 white hexagons and 12 black pentagons. This 32-panel design ultimately became very popular and a soccer standard for many decades in the world.
Later in 2008 Select provide “Denmark football association” with balls and several Danish clubs, top clubs of Russia and Belgian uses select footballs in their leagues.
Select balls later used in several competitions like in Olympic handball games, World Championship, in the Swedish, Spanish and Danish, men’s handball leagues, among others.



This company has an entirely different history as it was founded in 1947 by the former goalkeeper of the Danish national football team, Eigil Nielsen which further made it easy for Danish football association to deal with sports equipment especially footballs.


7) Voit:

The Voit Corporation is sporting goods and Watch company which introduced the first full-molded, all-rubber inflatable ball almost at the end of the 1920s. In 1931 they launched all-rubber athletic balls which come out with vulcanization process which permitted a material to be fixed on a separate rubber bladder. The process of icosahedron winding is there most popular launching as because of this it becomes easy for balls to be machine wound with nylon threads over the bladder.
Voit patents and products made possible greatly increased athletic and recreation activity in the school systems and urged people to use a new type of product which dominate sales in its field.



It was another German invention which was founded by William J. Voit in 1922. He was also known as German-American entrepreneur.


8) Spalding:

Spalding was also a well-mannered company in the field of sports. It was an American brand which initially manufactures basketballs which are used in official basketball sport of NBA and US national sponser of High school soccer.
Manufacturing only basketball did not give an expected success to this company so further they started launching soccer balls which increase their knowledge in the business of manufacturing footballs and sports.
Up till today it is said to be the best basketball company in America which provide “American basketball association” with numerous baseballs today as well.



Albert Spalding in 1967 invents Spalding brand on his own name in 1967 due to which he become a well know and respected person in America.


9) Under Armour:

Under Armour is an American sports clothing and accessories company. At first, this company was a supplier of sportswear and casual apparel only, but in 2006 they started offering footwear.
It is widely spread company in almost all parts of 7 continents.
Some people rated their shoes over Nike, and also their products are reliable and comfortable. All local football clubs mostly love Their footballs, and also give more preference to their footballs.



American man Kevin Plank founded it in 1996; 21 years ago from today. Plank started this business in the basement of his grandmother house in Washington and spent the majority of his time moving up and down the East Coast with nothing but apparel on the trunk of his car.


10)Lotto Sports Italia:

Lotto is an Italian sportswear manufacturer, and today this brand is doing business on world broad range, but now their products are distributed in more than 60 to 65 countries. Lotto starts their business with footwear manufacturer, tennis shoes were the beginning of footwear production, but as their business spread, they began introducing basketballs, volleyballs, athletics equipment and footballs which earn them an enormous amount of revenue.



Lotto was registered in 1973 by the Caberlotto family in Montebelluna, northern Italy, the center of world footwear manufacturing. This family was also the owner of the football team F.C. Treviso.



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