Makeup is a girl’s best friend. Every girl on this planet loves to look beautiful. It’s a right of every girl to enhance her beauty. The higher brand it will be the finest and natural look it will give. Some makeup artists say that only the trick of brushes and your hand won’t work, the brand also has to be a great one. Let’s have a quick look on the following cosmetic brands.

1 L’Oreal:


It is and will be the biggest and largest beauty product company in the world. It has a broad range of products. It has women and men cosmetic range. You will get to see skin care products, hair care products, foot care range, hand care range, wide cosmetic range and beautiful fragrance products etc. It has above 500 ranges of different products. It has been the best and unbeatable company for many centuries.



It has 75 years of excellence in beauty products industry. It is very popular among women because of its foundation range. It gives a very light and flawless look which looks extremely natural. One can easily get confused if that’s a foundation or your natural skin. Also when you remove it, it leaves the skin healthier than before. Also the eyeliners, classy lip colors and eye shadows are used widely by women of all ages.

3 MAC:


One thing about MAC that every girl must be aware of is that there are 2 types of MAC cosmetic products i.e. Original and a copied version. So be careful while purchasing the right product. The original MAC has very fine and smooth range and expensive as well while the other goes opposite to the former. This range was launched for the makeup artists in the beginning but then it got available for the consumers as well.



It is a direct selling company. Its range is available in above 140 countries. It has a wide and classy range.

5 Maybelline New York:

Maybelline New York

It is one of the biggest emerging cosmetic companies in the world. It has a nice and broad range of products. Recently, it has launched a new lip color range called “Color sensation” and “Fit me” for foundations (flawless coverage).



It’s a Swedish cosmetic company. It is also a direct selling company. It has been working for over 45 years. Its products are purely made from natural ingredients i.e. herbs. These are animal friendly products. It has an extensive range of perfumes, skin care, hair care, beauty cosmetic products, toothpastes, mouthwashes etc.

7 Cover girl:

Cover girl

This brand is easily available in super stores. It is in competition with Maybelline New York. This range is mostly used by a large group of teenage girls. It is an American company and it came into existence in 1960.

8 Revlon:


A pretty good cosmetic company. Its products are price-friendly. Like other brands it also has a pretty nice range of products.

9 Urban Decay:

Urban Decay

It is not a very popular and brilliant cosmetic brand. It is a 16 year old company. But yes! It is famous for its smooth brushes made up of purely synthetic fibers. It was seen that L’Oreal did an announcement in which they said that they will buy brush range from urban decay. So here it gets a point higher than Etude Company and that’s what makes it slightly better than Etude.

10 Etude:


It is a South Korean company. Not a very popular brand as compared to what are mentioned above. One mostly gets to see such products in low-costly salons and in markets. It has a narrow range.



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