Top 10 Best Desi Foods To Eat In Pakistan


Top ten best desi foods to eat in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country of foodies.Specially the Lahoris have so much crave for food that they will eat whatever,whenever and wherever they get lol.Its like kabhi bhi.. kahin bhi…There is no particular time for eating for them. Pakistani food is famous worldwide because of its taste,colour and aroma. Some dishes are so necessary that without them the dining table is incomplete .These dishes are popular internationally as well. Let us discover what are the yummiest top 10 dishes of our country.

1 Biryani


One just simply cannot underestimate the power of Biryani.Whether its Sindhi biryani,Bombay Biryani … one just cannot keep himself away from it.Its like first love in Pakistan

2 Nihari


If you are here and you are missing nihari then you are definately missing something bombastic.Nihari is one of the famous dishes from the time of Mughals. Whether it is bheja nihari or nali nihari,its more spicier then the gossips of women.One should not miss it.

3 Paye


If you are eating paaye,you should keep a tissue with you because of two reasons.One,it is so spicy that you may need to clean your nose probably eyes too;secondly they can make your hands sticky.But you will eat them again and again because of the taste and the delicious spices.

4 Chargha


Lahori chargha is one of the famous dishes in Pakistan.If you didnt eat chargha,then you ate nothing.People from outside of Pakistan are also attracted to it.The succulent chicken and the juicy toppings will make you drool.It is probably served with the combination raita and different chutnies.One should not miss this dish.

5 Tikka


Tikka along with green chutni and soft drink

6 Kababs


Kababs have different varieties and orientations Chapli kabab ,Bihari kabab ,Shami kabab all have different and unique taste.You will never forget its saltiness.

7 Karahi


Chicken karahi is a must in the feasts.The unique blend of tomatoes make it more saucy and yummy.

8 Qorma


If biryani is queen then qorma is the king of Pakistani cousine

9 Kheer


Kheer is the traditional Pakistani dessert.It is made up of milk and rice with the topping of nuts.

10 Gajar ka halwa

gajar ka halwa

You can call it the king of Pakistani desserts.It is oftenly made in desi ghee with lots of khoya and nuts.Hence there is no comparasion of gajar ka halwa with any other dessert.



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