Top 10 Amazing Deserts In The World


Deserts is a view that obtains strikingly low amount of downfall, that is not abundant for most plants, Water in the deserts are very limited that can be present in some places only. Most of the Deserts obtaine very low rainfall in the year. Desert covered the 33% of earth surface, most of the deserts made by rain shadows and acompained of Sand and rocky surfaces. There is list of world largest desert:

1. Antarctic Desert

Antarctic Desert

 Antarctica is the Largest and Cold Desert in the World which covers Area about 13,829,430 square kilometers. Over 98% of the Antarctic is covered in Ice with 1.6 km in thickness. The Antarctic present in South Pole,during summer its warming the ice caps melts and most of the Place becomes Desert. The mean Temperature of Antarctic is around -85° C in the winter and 10° C in the summer.


2. Arctic Desert

Arctic Desert

Arctic is the second largest Desert on the Earth covered Area of 13,726,937 square kilometers and this is the Polar region located on the North Pole. Arctic gain temperature -40° C in the winter and around 15° C in the summer.


3. Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

Sahara is the Largest Hot Desert in the World and cover total area about 9,400,000 square km, and present  in the region of Africa and it spread through 13 countries. Climate is in this Land enormous variable that hot and warm in air in the daytime and cold at night.


4. Arabian Desert

Arabian Desert

Arabian Desert present in the West of Asia that extent on gulf countries, Jordan and Iraq with area Covers 2,330,000 square km .Arabian Desert almost present  near to Sahara Desert and the environment is hot and warm air.


5. The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert

In Northwestern of China and Southern of Mongolia Gobi Desert is located and it cover 1,300,000 square km area and 800 km in width1,500 km in length. Temperature in Gobi changing from –40°C to  +50°C in summer and winter.


6. Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert is present in  Africa and covering most part of Botswana, some parts of South Africa and Namibia and cover Area about 900,000 square km, in the summer temperature vary from 20° to 45° C and has average 175 to 251 millimeters of rainfall in the year.


7. Patagonian Desert

Patagonian Desert

The Patagonian Desert is the largest desert located in Southern part of South America and the Deserts cover land area in Chile and Argentina with the total area of 673,000 square km.


8. Great Victoria Desert

Great Victoria Desert

The Great Victoria Desert prsent  in Australia that comprise of Small Sand Hills,Grassland Plain and Salt Lakes. Desert covers an area of 647,000 square km and the temperature  36° C in the summer and falls average 21° C in winter.


9. Syrian Desert

Syrian Desert

Syrian Desert is present in Middle East which covers portions of Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and cover its Area about 520,000 square km. The desert is rocky and flat.


10. Great Basin Desert

Great Basin Desert

The Great Basin Desert is the largest Desert  present in USA and bordered some part on Mojave Desert in South and Escalante Desert in East, and stretching area of 482,000 square Km.



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