Top 10 Amazing Apparels For Pakistan.


Top ten apparels for Pakistan – A woman’s greatest attraction is clothes. The more she gets,the more she wants. They are never tired of shopping and buying new clothes.Designers get their bread and butter because of them.There collection are sold overnight after the launch day.Every woman wants to look more beautiful gorgeous all time.A woman who is not jealous of other woman on clothes and beauty is not a woman. We will tell you about the ins and outs but first let us discuss the top ten desi apparels of Pakistan.

1 Kameez Shalwar

Kameez Shalwar

One can never get bore of its national dress.It is easy going,comfortable as well as stylish.Modern designers have made them so mesmerizing by their designs that every woman goes for it.Men also wear it specially on Fridays.It is a symbol of culture as well as religion.

2 Choori Daar Pajamas

Choori Daar Pajamas

Choori daar pajamas are never out.They are classical yet elegant.The choori daars with anarkalis give a desi princess look as well as take us to the time of mughals. Whether it is Pishwas or simply with Kameez,Choori dar pajama is simply the best.

3 Saari


There is nothing sexier more than a woman in saree.A girl can simply attract any guy with a saree.It gives you desi yet sexy look.The bright colors of saree can make u eye candy in any function so if you are confused that what to wear then go for it.

4 Frock


If you are thinking about western cute frocks then you are absolutely wrong.Here we are talking about desi frocks.There are many types of frocks such as angharkha ,anarkali,kaliyon wali frock and without kaliyon wali frock. Woman prefer to buy them ready made because it saves time as well as the high demands of tailors.The price varies according to the work on it.

5 Sharara


Sharara is a must dress of a bride. A girl can spend lacs to get a perfect sharara.Ready to wear shararas of different designers are easily available. Most of the girls like to wear red or maroon sharara on their wedding.They love to wear most prominent and traditional colour.Asian brides love to follow their cultural standards. Sharara is probably known as lehenga.It gives a bride trendy and stylish look.

6 Gharara


It enhances and beautifies the grace of a woman.Gharara is normally a bridal wear.Girls love to wear gharara because it is highly traditional yet glorious.A girl can never forget the pink gharara of Kareena Kapoor in Bole Choodiyan.For extra ordinary brides it is best for wedding attire.

7 Gowns


Nowadays yet new but old gowns are favourite for desi occasions.The embroidered gowns known as coats also are easily available at any shopping mall. They contain special quality of modernity so they are perfect for all fashion lovers.

8 Kurti /Kurta

Kurti /Kurta

A kurti is a shorter form of Kurta and it comes up to the thighs only. Kurtis are immensely popular among women in Pakistan. They are worn by women who like both fashion and comfort. This clothing is available in sleeves as well as without sleeves.They are loved by girls and women and are worn in colleges and offices with shalwar, jeans, trousers or pants. Kurta for men is a symbol of grace.It shows culture as well as style.It is easily available in different colours and designs.It is specially worn in religous events.It has many types from casual to formal,semi formal and party wear.

9 Sherwani


It is usually worn by men in the weddings. A groom is always concious about his sherwani for his big day like brides are for their sharara. It is worn over the Kurta and Churidar , Khara pajama or a shalwar.

10 Achkan


Its a knee length kind of jacket worn by men.Early it was worn by nobles and royals in India. It can be distinguished from the Sherwani by being often made from lighter, finer fabrics, and is generally without line.An achkan has only one breast pocket on the left side whereas a sherwani will have two breast pockets, left and right.



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