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Flower is a symbol of love and peace. There are many kinds of flowers. Some have an entirely unnatural look and seems as if they have been made artificially. These could  be used for artificial wedding bouquets because of its cheapness and unique wedding bouquets Let’s have a look at the following unique follower looks:

1) Flame Lily:

un natural flowers

This flower produces wavy edged petals in bright pink color. Its leaves are dense green and of unusual shape and size. It is found in Africa and Australia. I think it is best for ornamental purposes but this beautiful flower seems to be proud enough to leave its habitat and reside somewhere else. Good enough to be on number 1.

2) Bird of Paradise:

It exactly resembles a bird that is hovering back to its nest at dusk. Brightly orange colored petals stretch outward to give the look of those open wings. This is indeed one of the most unusual flowers an eye can see.

3) Bleeding Heart:

Papaveraceae family contains this special specie of one of the most amazing flowers which is usually in pink color and has white petals that hang downwards, giving the look of droplets. This flower is famous to be used for ornamental purposes. However this bleeding heart isn’t like the real heart most probably because of its venomous nature. Gardens of China, Korea and Japan are beautified with this beautiful creation.

4) Fritillaria meleagris:

On number 4 we have this flower called Snake’s Head (Fritillaria meleagris). It is one of the flowering plants that are famous for their special appearance, resembling a few living things. The petals of this flower give the look of being hammered from inside and so appear like the scaly skin of a snake. It hasn’t got the usual texture, soft as that of normal petals which make it the most amazing of its type. It belongs to the family Liliacea.

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5) Sea Poison Tree

Sea Poison Tree is on number 5 which is a network of long petals which join together to give it a look as that of a branched tree. It is found in Pacific and Indian Ocean. The sweet scent is emits is one of its amazing features that makes it the hub of bats and other nocturnal creatures. Delicate pink tips sit on the white long petals with yellow tips. It gives an overall look of a bouquet that makes it one of the famous ornamental plants in India.

6) Bee orchid:

This is another beautiful flower that reflects nature from its amazing appearance. As the name shows, it resembles a bee that has laid itself on the inside of those beautiful purple flowers and enjoys the nectar. It might be one the most pleasant sights to a viewer’s eye. This amazing flower is found in the Mediterranean regions and is a member of orchid family. It is a perennial plant.

7) Corpse Lily:

Flowers are known to be a sign of fragrance but this one is an exceptional case. The large size of this flower makes it the largest flower of the world. It is found in far flung rainy forests of Indonesia. The flower emits a bad smell just like that of a corpse. It can weigh up to 11-12kg. It is usually found in rust color.

8) Huernia Oculata:

Huernia Oculata is on number 8 which has got an exceptionally strange look. It looks like a spider web that has been densely painted in skin color with spots all around. It is special in terms of giving a 3D look as well. The stems of these plants are also used for propagation. Dry climate is often suitable for it to be grown in.

9) Maypop Passionflower:

The name indicates the growing styles this flower follows. It grows fast throughout the year. The style and stamens are exposed. It is a member of Passiflora and also called as wild apricot. Southern regions of US are beautified with this strange flower.

10) Torch Ginger:

It is a bright red, waxy flower with semi curled petals which make it one of the strangest, yet beautiful flowers. The flower buds are also used for dishes. The gardens of Costa Rica are lined with this large flower that catches the sight of anyone who passes by. It is a herbaceous plant that grows once a year.



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