Most Expensive Wood – Most Expensive Wood In The World


10. Sandal Wood.


SandalWood is one of most expensive wood in the world. Its often called as sandal and also used as a home remedy for beauty.It has a distinctive soft, warm, smooth, creamy, and milky precious-wood scent therefor its an essential part of most of the perfumes.  Sandalwood is class of the fragrant woods from the trees in genus Santalum. Belonging to the medium-sized parasympathetic trees. As well as it is also used for harvesting and the cut wood in-sit, the essential oils are extracted from woods for use.


9. African Black Wood.

African Black Wood

These plants are found in the areas of Eritrea to Senegal east and Transvaal to south, which are seasonally dry parts of South Africa. The tree has a height of 4-15m and has spiny shoots and gray bark. The leaves have a length of 6-22cm, and the flowers are white in color and grow in clusters. The fruit has a length of 3-7cm and is the pod with 1-2 seeds. The tree is known as an important native tree spices in the area. The tree from which it is obtained is used for the timber class. It has very rich and beautiful look which looks luxurious one.

8. Pink Ivory

Pink Ivory Wood

Pink ivory, also known as red ivory, purple ivory or Lumbini, is a hardwood from Africa. The tree is mainly found in Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. It is Usually seen in billiard cues and knife handles it also use for medicinal purposes. This wood is mainly cultivated from the trees located in Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is very hard kind of timber which has the best quality. Pink Ivory is the royal tree of Zulus since an only royal family was just allowable to possess wood.

7. Agar Wood

Agar Wood

Agar Wood is a dark resinous wood which is obtained from the Synopsis plant. Pure oil is extracted from agarwood which is also one of unique and high range product because of purity which demand is growing rapidly with the passage of time. Since 1995 Aquilaria mala CCE NSIS, the primary source, has been listed in Appendix II (potentially threatened species) by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. First-grade agarwood is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world. The reason for its high cost and rarity is an extinction of wild resources.

6. Ebony

Ebony Wood

The color of the wood is black and has a beautiful texture. It is dense hardwood and can sink in water.  Ebony is under threat in many places, mainly Africa, due to its illegal cut down and traders take advantage of it and polish ordinary wood with black and sell it as ebony. Ebony is also called Black Timber and has a high density with a lot of smoothness and polishing. It has flat and beautiful surface and smoothes which are very attractive one.

5. Bocote

Bocote Wood

Bocote is the wood which is called as the genus of Acme plants which is used for different purposes. Bocote belongs to Cordia genus and borage family of Boraginaceae. The wood is used to make doors and furniture in South and Central America. It is also used to make musical instruments like guitar. It is also one of the most used types of timber all around the world because of its look and design. It contains around 300 species of the shrubs and the trees, which are also found worldwide mostly in the warmer regions.

4. Lignum Vitae

Lignum Vitae Wood

Hollywood Lignum-vitae and also Roughbark Lignum-vitae are recognised as two little and also slow growing trees which vintage slightly valuable Lignum vitae wood. Lignum Vitae is the wood which obtains from the tree which has very slow growth and valuable in the market as well. This is a lovely wood which ranges from a variety of olive greens to dark browns. Due to density, the cricket balls, particularly the heavy bails used in the windy conditions are also sometimes made of the lignum vitae. The national tree of the Bahamas and the Jamaican national flower adds some exclusiveness to the wood that is being highly price in its native region following its massive export.

3. Purple Heart

Purple Heart Wood

Scientifically known as Peltogyne belongs to a genus with 23 species and all of them bore flowers. Purple Heart is the type of wood which is obtained from the tree called Peltogyne and is available only in the central South America and forests with frequent rain. Purple-0heart wood is being rated as very durable, and water resists. The Purple Heart allows one to enjoy the best kind of 20 board feet. Purple Heart wood is used for making musical instrument, furniture, boat building, flooring, heavy construction, and in highlight pieces. These plants are prized for the beautiful heartwood which is when cut, rapidly goes from dark brown to the vibrant purple color.

2. Dalbergia

Dalbergia Wood

It is a genus of small and medium sized shrubs, trees and lianas of Fabaceae family and subfamily Faboideae. The Dalbergia belongs to the genus Albertina. The genus is widely distributed and is found in tropical regions in South and Central America, Madagascar, South Asia and Africa. It is very expensive because it only grows in its respective areas not all around the world, so it ‘s hard to make it available throughout the world. It is used for high-quality furniture, sports goods, plywood, railway sleepers, etc.

1.  Bubinga

Bubinga Wood

Bubinga wood is a much expensive and most popular type of timber which is commonly use in Africa. The wood is also used to produce high-quality furniture and high-quality tools like knobs, rear handles, etc. The trees usually obtain a height of 40-50m and trunk has a diameter of 1-2m. From the same genus, Guibourtia, another fabulous luxury timber can be obtained, called the Bangkok. Bubinga is species of flowering plant in the genus Guibourtia. Another indulgence timber fetching the type from the genus is Bangkok. It is commonly available in Bangkok because of their climate. It is the most expensive wood of the world.



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