Top 10 Most Exotic Fish In The World


Fish are one of the most beautiful marine creatures. They live in totally different environment and world. People use fish to eat and also purchase them to keep them as a pet in their aquarium. There are some really beautiful fish. No wonder God is beautiful and so is his creation.Some fishes are just stunning to watch and very expensive to put them in aquarium. Following are mostly salt water fishes which gonna spead the multi colors with aquarium plants to give the most exotic impression. large fish tanks should be very big and comfortable for them to make the comfortable. The top 10 most beautiful fish are:

1. Mandarinfish:

This small brightly colored fish is a member of the family called “dragonet family”. It lives in the Pacific oceans and they are a lesser known family. These are the most beautiful fish around the world. The blend of deepest shades of colors gives it the marvelous look it owns.

2. Juvenile Emporer Angel Fish:

Juvenile Emporer Angel Fish
This fish is one of the most amazing of all since the Zebra printed look it own with a shade of electric blue, speaks for its uniqueness. This beauty takes around four to five year to mature into its adult colors. 15.75 inches is the length to which they can grow.

3. Clown Trigger Fish:

Clown Trigger Fish

These spotted inhabitants of the tropical oceans are a piece of amusement for anyone who puts a glance on them. Just like their name indicates, the tiger like spots on a sea creature is breathtaking. It resides in the shallow water and also on the coral reefs.

4. Nudibranch:


These branched fishes are usually called “sea slugs”. Their wobbly structure and stretched branches is most probably the reason for its unique appearance. Its species are quite abundant. It appearance gives the fresh look of a blonde girl wearing a freshly colored outfit on a hot summer’s day. Beautiful enough to be gazed.

5. Symphysodon:


This peach colored fish with stripes has a body shaped which is compressed. The peach color isn’t the only one which accounts for its wonderful look but many others like green, red and blue line up beautifully to the sides of its body. The size can grow up to about 8-10 inches.

6. Moorish Idol:

Moorish Idol

This fish with a compressed body and pointed mouth is one of the unique fishes around. The colored pattern it has is made of shades and bands of yellow and black. They are often loved by the people who have a hobby of keeping for fishes since it illuminates the beauty of the aquarium itself.

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7.  Clownfish:


The name doesn’t do justice to this little creature since the colored it’s naturally dressed up is more like a piece of marvel rather than a clown. As a matter of fact, just like clowns, it is successful in putting smiles on the faces of whoever sees them. Brightly orange colored with far striped black color, can reach the highest length of 7.1inches.

8. Rainbow Parrot Fish:

Rainbow Parrot Fish

If I were to suggest another name for this amazing species of fish, I would name it Peacock fish because of its beautiful look that matches with that of the Peacock. The mouth it has is like a calcareous beak whereas the size of it is comparatively bigger than other. It enjoys small fishes as its meal after it uses its beak like mouth to crush them. It can spit our left over calcium it intakes from coral reefs. It is surely one of the most beautiful fish in the world.

9. Koi:


Koi Fish

This amazing fish comes in different colors like white, gold, orange and red. However most commonly found are the white and orange ones. Their cylindrical bodies can seldom give a lustrous look that makes it more appealing to the eyes. Kio lovers wouldn’t mind paying hundred of dollars for its breeding and purchasing. The aquarium is added up with the beauty while it has this little creature swimming through it.

10.  Lion fish:

Lion fish

This fascinating species of fish is one of the most breathtaking creatures. It is a slow swimmer unlike its name indicates, but the aggressiveness which is evident from its poisonous parts perfectly shows why it’s called a lion fish. It’s easy to become mesmerized as it beautifully swims across the water.









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