10 Most Amazing Restaurants With Delicious Food


We have been talking about the delicious food and tasty beverages available in the market today. Let’s talk about the places where these foods and drinks are available. Yes!!! The restaurants. The restaurants are judged by their ambience, environment, luxurious arrangement and the staff. Let’s take a look at some good restaurants around the globe.

  1. Asiate – New York City


Windows with a height of 16 feet provides sight of Midtown Manhattan’s smooth parks. A Burman chef, Toni Robertson, presents the dishes like Atlantic halibut with shishito pepper and citrus sabayon, along with Long Island duck with summer berries and hibiscus.


  1. Barbecoa – London

Barbecoa - London

Near St. Paul’s Cathedral, an impressive London venue. A restaurant made for the meat lovers.

  1. Kogi BBQ Truck – Los Angeles


A truck, one of the considerable sights of Los Angeles when talking about food. You can see the variety of ethnicity here. A restaurant started in the absence of regulations. This restaurants runs with the talent of the chefs .

  1. Okra – Karachi


One of the restaurants which llie on the summit of the graphs. The menu incorporates the Fresh figs with Breseola, Smoked trout and Black Ink Pasta. Desi products as Keema Methi with Paratha are also the hard choices. The only drawback of this restaurant is that it is so minute and well liked that acquiring a meal here is extremely difficult.

  1. Baggers – Germany

Baggers - Germany

In this technologically occupied world, experience this automated and futuristic eating affair. From ordering till serving, every step in this restaurant is automated, so no need to wait for the unhelpful servers anymore. This future forward and original restaurant, Baggers, will certainly relinquish you a flavor of prospective eating.

  1. Issaya Siamese Club – Bangkok


Issaya Siamese Club - Bangkok

A restaurant built in a wooden house with elderly constructed staircase immediately puts on the amorous atmosphere manufactured as an ideal location for duo eating. People coming here to here to dine are united with the amalgamated beauty of an inherited home, unusual favour and the famous culinary aptitude of the chefs here.


  1. Ithaa Restaurant – Maldives

Ithaa Restaurant - Maldives1

Located in the Islands of Maldives, this restaurant will offer you absorbing eating events on earth. Ithaa mean the Mother of Pearl in Dhivehi, is mainly acrylic construction which has the ability to accommodate 14 people. It was officially inaugurated on 15 April, 2005. Entry to Ithaa is by a path of helical staircase in a thatched pavilion at the conclusion of a pier.

  1. Mi Casa by Jose Andres – Puerto Rico

Mi Casa by Jose Andres – Puerto Rico

This brand new eating house was launched two years back by inextinguishable Jose Andres who proposed the advanced elevation of eating to this island. Along with all amazing food served here, the seafood with some innovative taste is the hit.

  1. Redwoods Treehouse – New Zealand

Redwoods Treehouse – New Zealand

This restaurant was available for the community only for a small period; currently it is exclusively available personal gatherings, rented meetings and suppers.   

  1. Baan Rim Pa – Thailand

Baan Rim Pa - Thailand

On an attractive precipice in Phuket, one of the prettiest places in Southern Thailand reclines an instance of heaven, this restaurant, Baan Rim pa.

So it was the great list of most top 10 amazing food restaurants suggestions for you. We hope you ll keep visiting us for more further updates in every section.



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